HealthChampion's Tiered Pricing for the COVID-19 Monitoring Solution

Pricing Information for HealthChampion's COVID-19 Employer Screening App

Our monthly subscription fee is based on the number of members who belong to your group each month. Our pricing tiers are as follows:

  • 1-10 group members: FREE
  • 11-50 group members: $89/month
  • 51-100 group members: $169/month
  • 101-150 group members: $249/month
  • 151-200 group members: $329/month
  • 201-300 group members: $469/month
  • 301-400 group members: $619/month
  • 401-500 group members: $769/month

What is a Group Member?

What do my group members need to do to get started?


For any month during which you exceed 10 members, you will receive an invoice at the beginning of the following month. Invoices are due upon receipt.

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