What do my group members need to do to get started?

For Administrators:

Adding members and admins to my group

Once your group members have joined your group

They will see your group's pathway waiting for them -- they will simply tap/click the Dashboard/Home screen and it will be at the top.

Share this Link: Completing the COVID-19 Monitoring Pathway Assignments

If you've invited your group members via the dashboard "Invite" feature 

Share this Link: Joining the COVID-19 Monitoring Pathway by Email Invitation

Your group members will receive an email invitation to join your group. If they've not yet registered for a HealthChampion account and downloaded the mobile app, they'll have the opportunity to do so from within the invitation. 

Once they have accepted the invitation within their HealthChampion account, they will tap/click on the People section in the navigation bar. They should have an invitation waiting there at the top of the People screen. 

If they do NOT see an invitation in their People section, make sure you entered their email address correctly (review Invited members list in your dashboard), AND make sure they are using the same email address. Some of our clients prefer their team to use their work email addresses for this program, but we do not require it on our end here at HealthChampion. Double-check spellings to rule out typos.

NOTE: if your company uses strong firewalls and spam protections, please have your IT team add "noreply@myhealthchampion.com" and "support@myhealthchampion" to your approved senders list.

If you've requested that your group members join via the group code

Share your code with this Link: Joining the COVID-19 Monitoring Pathway with a Group Code

They will register for their HealthChampion accounts, then tap/click on the People icon in the navigation bar. They'll then tap/click Join Group and enter your group code. 

If you'd like to print or digitally share the invitation code, here is the customizable poster template. Just add your code and share.

If your pathway is updated and you need your members to re-enroll 

Share this Link: Re-Enrolling in the Group Pathway

If a member accidentally Quits the pathway

Share this Link: How to Rejoin Your Group's Pathway

Other Helpful Information

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