Letting Your Employees Know about the HealthChampion Program

We understand that rolling out new programs to employees is more smooth when there's a good introduction. So, we've prepared the following template that you may copy/paste into your favorite text editor and customize to your specifications. 

Who is HealthChampion?

HealthChampion is a digital health company and creator of the world’s first consumer-driven health platform. Since the explosive spread of the novel coronavirus across the world, HealthChampion has been focused on leveraging the full power of its platform to help American businesses and individuals manage and maintain their health during this crisis. Learn more at https://myhealthchampion.com/.

What data is my employer going to receive?

Each day during the program you will receive an automated assessment. Your responses will be added to a table which appears in a dashboard for your program administrator(s). If your company opted to include temperature measurements in the daily tasks, then that data will also be shared in the dashboard. 

Only admins have access to the dashboard for only their group(s), and admins will not have access to your health data outside of what is shared in your employer sponsored assessment. HealthChampion is a HIPAA verified organization. You have the right to opt out of sharing this data at any time by leaving your group. 

HealthChampion does not create or administer policies that your employer may use to prevent or allow your presence at work as a result of your willingness to share this data, or your assessment results. Please contact your program administrator if you have any concerns about sharing this data.

Why are we doing this?

HealthChampion is committed to helping the American workforce return to business quickly and safely. As CDC guidelines continue to evolve, manual efforts for symptom monitoring and exposure risk management are inefficient and there is great risk for human error, security threats, and privacy concerns. HealthChampion helps your company stay current with CDC advice, prevents the need for you to wait in a line each day, and offers bank-level security that is HIPAA verified. We've streamlined enrollment and assessment tasks to minimize disruptions to your day so that you can focus on your work. We welcome you to explore the rest of our features within the HealthChampion digital health app, and wish you well as you return safely to

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