Getting Started Quickly with COVID-19 Monitoring

Welcome to HealthChampion's COVID-19 Monitoring Program. We're glad you're here.

Getting set up to monitor your team is as easy as creating your account, adding your employees to your group, and inviting them to the program. 

Creating your account

  • Sign up (or log in to your existing account) by clicking here. NOTE: For employers and teams, you must use your work email address when creating a HealthChampion account. 
  • You may also visit and click Sign In or Sign Up Today. 
  • Quick Tip: Your account works for both the COVID-19 portal AND on the HealthChampion mobile app. If you already have a mobile app account with your work email address, you may sign into the portal with your same account credentials. 

Creating a Group inside of your HealthChampion account

  • If you're not already associated with a group, you will be prompted to create a new group when you log in for the first time. 
  • After you create a group, HealthChampion will conduct a brief review and then approve your group. You'll then receive an email once your group has been activated. This process can take 1-2 business days. 
  • To create another group, click Groups at the top, then Create Group and complete the form again.

(Optional) Add additional administrators

  • Once your group has been approved, use the Invite button on your dashboard, then select the Administrators option from the dropdown to add any additional administrators to your group. A couple of notes;
    • Admins can see individual response data for your employees, so please be selective and use the need-to-know strategy when selecting administrators. 
    • Admins are not Members and do not count as part of your Membership for billing purposes, nor are they enrolled in the group/pathway in the mobile app. If your administrators need to join the group and complete the daily assessments, then invite them a second time as Members using the same Invite interface, but selecting Member instead of Administrator.

(Optional) Testing the pathway for a small group of team members

  • Add a couple of employees to your group and invite them to the pathway by adding their email addresses separated by commas or on separate lines
  • Ask your test users to go to the mobile app and accept the group invitation
  • Check your dashboard for the test users' data
  • Once you've confirmed that test user data is showing up in your dashboard, your test users can remain in the pathway if you wish as regular group members.

Inviting your employees to join the group (they'll be automatically enrolled in the monitoring pathway)

There are a couple of options for inviting your team to join the group

  • Invite Via Email: on the day you wish your team to begin taking the daily assessments, click on the "Invite+" button from your dashboard and then add your team's email addresses separated by commas or on separate lines. They'll receive an email from HealthChampion. If your company uses a firewall or has very strong spam filtering in place, please advise your team to check their spam folders. If you have a large number of employees, you may wish to copy/paste from a CSV file. 

  • Invite with a Group Code: Email to receive your group code. Then, add your group code to our handy PDF invitation. You may then share it digitally, print it as a poster, or print and distribute as small cards.
  • to add administrators to your group, click the Invite button at the top right of your dashboard, then choose Administrators from the dropdown before adding email addresses and sending the invitations. Accepting an Admin invitation does NOT enroll the user into the pathway.
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