How to use the admin dashboard

There are a few key things to note when interacting with the admin dashboard

  •          You can get summary data about your members, the alert status, and the task completion rate for your organization in easy-to-read charts.

  •         You can click on the Alert Icon to see why a member has an alert without leaving the dashboard.

  •          You can easily see in which subgroup your members belong.

  •          You can use the new filter and sort column to:

a.       Search by name or email

b.      Sort by name, alert status, task completion, and last update

c.       Filter by date, alert status, and task completion

Common Questions:

What does Last Status Change mean? Is that the last time the member responded?

Last Status Change does NOT mean that is when a member last responded. It shows when the member's status was last changed. There are three types of statuses members can change between:

The question mark "?": this means they have missed assessments
The exclamation point "!": this means they have flagged responses or they have missed assessment for three days
The checkmark "✓": this means they are cleared and have no missing tasks

Why do my members have alerts now? 

In most cases, the influx of new alerts on the dashboard is due to members being unresponsive for three or more days.

What does calc_unresponsive mean?

If you see a calc_unresponsive alert for a member on your dashboard, it means that the member has not submitted an assessment in 3 days. To clear the alert, have the member complete an assessment for today.

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