How do I access my new assessment after customization?

Congratulations on your finished customization!

If you are already a member of your group and have enrolled in the default pathway:

1. You will notice that your pathway's name changed to your custom pathway name (usually with your org's name in it) - and that the "duration" in the corner resets to Day 1

2.  You will notice that the questions/wording changes from the default to the custom pathway.

3. If you or other members have already responded for the day, you will get re-set to no-response yet in the admin portal, and you will have to fill out the assessment again because you haven't answered the interview yet (ever) for the custom pathway - your previous responses were for the old/default pathway.

If you have not invited yourself as a member of your group yet:

1. Log in to the admin portal at

2. Select your group

3. Invite yourself as a member using the Invite button on your group's Summary page

4. Register/sign in to your member account on the app or at

5. Verify your email address

6. Accept the group invitation waiting for you either at the top of the app's home screen dashboard or in the People section of the app (identified by the little people icon on the bottom navigation)

7. Go back to the app's home screen dashboard and select the new COVID-19 pathway

8. Complete the assessment to review your customization

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