What members need to do to get started with Trainer Portal?

Follow this easy 3 step process to set-up your clients...

Step 1 - Join the group and accept invitation to share steps count

After you send the invitation, your clients will receive an email invitation to join your group. If they've not yet registered for a HealthChampion account and downloaded the mobile app, they'll have the opportunity to do so from within the invitation. 

Once they login with their HealthChampion account, they will tap/click on the People section in the navigation bar. They should have an invitation waiting there at the top of the People screen. 

If they do NOT see an invitation in their People section, make sure you entered their email address correctly (review pending members list in your dashboard), AND make sure they are using the same email address. Double-check spellings to rule out typos.

Step 2 - Check the pathway to track steps count

They will see the pathway to track their steps count waiting for them -- they will simply tap/click the Dashboard/Home screen and it will be at the top.

Step 3 - Connect the device with HealthChampion

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Need more help?

If you need more help, please contact us via feedback in the app

You can also reach us at support@myhealthchampion.com

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